Sunday, January 4, 2009

Estoy en Madrid :)

Hola todos!

There's so much to tell... I don't even know where to begin?!

I made it fine into Madrid, Espana! Actually, the 8 hour initial flight, 5 hour layover, and then 2 hour flight into Madrid went very was great to finally be on land and safe. Thanks to Aunt George's travel tip for the Germany Airport, our group was able to get recharged with free coffee & tea compliments of Lufthansa Airlines :)
We are staying in the middle of city, although it's pretty basic. I'm in one room with two other girls, three beds, one shower, one "toilet". I use "toilet" because, well, there's not seat nor is there toilet paper! This exemplifies one of the first things I already miss about home...
Our hostel is in a great location though, only about a five minute walk from the Plaza Mayor (which is the city square, bustling with activity). It's breathtaking here, sometimes because of the sights and other times because of the smell :) The food has been good so far. Today I tried Paella which is a typical dish in Espana and although I was prepared for the seafood, I was not prepared for the seafood to still be fully enact (i.e. had to shell the crab and my shrimp still had eyes!) As hard as I tried, I couldn't get over the fact that I was decapitating my food...

So far we've went to El Prado (a very prominent art museum), Flamenco dancing, and also spent the day in Toledo walking through ancient streets and churches. We have an art/history professor from a University here, who is our tour guide. She loves to talk and I'm very pleased with the amount of Spanish that I've been able to understand. Either tonight or tomorrow I am planning to re-unite with one of my best friends from Madrid & on Tuesday we will leave for Valladolid, the city I'm going to be living in for the remainder of the semester.

I hear the weather in Wisconsin hasn't been the kindest...hope all is well :)

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