Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Que tal?

I am writing to you from Valladolid, Espana ... about 2 hours north of Madrid. This is where I will be living for the next five months!

Today I met my host mom, she is a widow, who lives here alone (although she has a boyfriend and daughter). She lives in an apartment on the tenth floor, but there's an elevator so it's okay :) My roommate and I have our own room, with our own closets, and we share a bathroom. There's also WIFI (wireless Internet) which is huge here because Internet isn't no where near as accessible as it is in the states. We're at least a 20 minute walk from the University.

It's very different living in someone else's house, yet trying to get used to living here (ie..moving in, etc). For lunch we ate eggs, sausage, and rice. For supper we had chocolate with rascon (it's a type of bread that's special during the holiday season).

Tomorrow I'm taking my placement test for classes...that begin Thursday! I've been telling my friends that they can be jealous of me for being here, but not too much, because I have to start school so early. Plus, we have two more papers to write on the museums/history we whitenessed the last days in Madrid.

Oh! I should mention, too, that I got to see my best friend, Antonio! He drove me around the city and showed me the sights, then we went to a bar, had a mojito, and tried to realize that we weren't dreaming! It's so great to see him again and I am in the process of making plans to see my other friend from Spain soon as well.

Hasta luego amigos!
Feliz Cumpleanos Dad :)


  1. Brenna:

    So glad to hear from you! Your experiences sound wonderful. I am glad you found the coffee at the airport! George

  2. Brenna Dee

    I am glad you are ok. I made it back to wisconsin fron Arizona ok as well. I miss you so much and can't wait until May

    Love always

  3. Hi Brenna Dee!

    LOVE reading your posts so keep 'em coming!

    Anxious to hear how your first day of school today went!

    Love ya!

  4. Sounds like your having a good time, thanks for keeping us posted on how you are doing