Sunday, January 25, 2009

My camera made love to Segovia.

Wow! Talk about a sight to take your breath away!! We took a Saturday trip to Segovia, Espana.

Two professors from my University took us on "mini-tours" of the city. It's beautiful. Mainly I got to the aqueducts which are the arches you see in the pictures. These were constructed by the Romans many, many years ago. Impressive thing is, they’ve remained standing all these years with nothing more than gravity holding them in place…no martyr, no superglue, no nails, just pure genius. Also got to view my first castle!! Although it was rather cold inside, there was a lot to see. Below is the bed where we learned that the newlywed King & Queen were expected to "create a child" (quite often the wedding also marked the first time they met), If the King could not, you know...perform, they would have to find a new Queen. The twist was that there were people watching them, documenting for history, if the King could or couldn’t. The things I’m learning here !

We also climbed to the top of this castle, I forget how many steps it was, but they were narrow and, well, a little scary. Atop, though, was so worth it. I captured some really great photos!

Aside from the aqueducts and castle, the city was full of other historical buildings, entertainment, awesome views, and the first bubbler I've seen all trip! Segovia was very, very beautiful.


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