Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dreaming in Spanish.

Queridos –
I had to officially declare today “Update Blog Day” before anything else happens or I won’t be able to keep up! This is going to be Spark Notes version [ not that I would know what that is ;) ], otherwise this update would be a novel.

We have/had snow here. They’re accustomed to cold (cough, 20˚ F is "cold") but not the snow. Madrid & southern cities are experiencing record-breaking amounts that have left thousands of people stuck in their houses. It’s funny here because they lay down cardboard in buildings, or throw newspapers on the ground, to keep one from slipping – reminds me of Big Daddy covering up his “son’s” accidents.
Our Welcome Dinner, for International students was phenomenal. In total, the dinner lasted a solid 2 hours, complete with several rounds Tapas (like hors d'oeuvres), sangria (wine), steak, desert, and musical entertainment. They ended up coming around our table (both sides) and sang two songs – it was too much fun :)
Classes are awesome! The professors seriously make it fun; of course there’s a lot of learning too!

Los penguinos came to town - that is to say, some 18,000 motorcyclists were in Valladolid for the weekend. 18,000 is a lot, but was significantly less than the typical 30,000 that come (another result of snow in the South).

Exciting news! My roommate informed me that I’m talking Spanish at night, in my dreams! Of course, it’s not as exciting for her, nor do I have any recollection of these dreams, but it’s exciting all the same :)


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  1. Hi Brenna Dee!

    Your latest posting is awesome! It's GREAT seeing pictures now too! Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences as many many people are asking about you here back at home!

    What an experience, 'eh?!?! :o)

    Love ya!