Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vamos Valladolid! Basketball in my city :)

Hola queridos!

I've been intending to update but times just goes; guess that's old news now, but still true all the same! I've approach my third week in Spain & I truthfully can not believe it. Parts of my day are now habitual & feel comfortable; then there are moments where I am a complete stranger to this city & culture :)

Went to my first basketball game (No soccer hotties yet, Cathy...I'm working on it :). This is my first time without a cell phone since, cripes, the 8th grade; of course, this makes life a little more difficult. A few friends from the program decided to go to the game but had entered prior to me arriving to the stadium (so I may have been a few minutes late ;) I was prepared to ask the ticket-giver where a group of Americans were sitting, as I was sure he'd remember 10 people trying to speak Spanish.

But then a funny thing happened; luck struck again! As I'm reaching for my money, a man approached & offered me a ticket. Initially, I thought he wanted to buy the ticket for me, in which case he was probably expecting something "special" in return, so I politely declined the offer. He pursued again. This time I thought they were counterfit & was looking for Ben to catch him. Nope, wrong again. Just a nice stranger who gave me two free tickets, in the ninth row. Awesome right?!

The game was fun and rather similar to games back in the states; fans, dancers, cheers, concession food, mascot, etc. The video is from their halftime show - two kids shooting baskets...the winner received a jam. Haha!

It's ironic because their colors are purple & gold (just like Stevens Point). We're in the second league, so it wasn't no where near NBA calibur, but it was enjoyable all the same. I also made friends with the mascot, a monkey. Haha..I'll save those stories for home :)

Valladolid won the one point. It came down to two free throws with seconds left on the clock...the other team could have won had they made both shots, but the guy missed both!! Fans were jumping up & down, making the loudest noises - & of course, I was right alongside them!!
It was a lot of fun...great memory! Besos!!

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