Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hola Queridos!

School's been even more awesome as of late. The program has organized various extra-curricular activities for us; so I’ve enjoyed attending all the events. For example, one night they showed a Spanish movie. They also have “intercambios” which is basically for students of English or Spanish; spend four minutes talking in English & then four minutes talking in Spanish…then switch. So in one night I get to talk to 5 or 6 different people!

The Spanish people who attend are of all different ages and levels; some are studying English to teach it, others need to maintain minimal English skills for their work, and others just plain like it. It’s a great opportunity, as you can imagine, to network & meet other people…which is exactly what I’m doing!

After the hour is up, they provide juice and snacks, and a time to swap email/phone numbers. Luck kind of struck me again because I asked a guy about sports facilities and he not only was able to answer my question (which was like a Eureka moment for me), he took me to the place..the place I had only been looking for the last two weeks! Sweet :) I've been so fortunate to meet nice people here.

Also - the weather has been much nicer here - 50 degrees some I've been able to get out and explore El Campo Grande which is a park that's convieniently right next to my apartment. I was running through, gawking at the beautiful scenery, detailed pathways, greenery, fountains, and then...out of no where... a peacock! Can you believe it?! I love it here!

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