Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perscription for eliminating fear of fireworks? Las Fallas Parade!

Hola queridos,
So in between looking at all the dozens and dozens of Fallas (there are over 300 to be exact), I watched one of the most interesting & intense parades of my life!

Basically, diablos, or devils, represent the fire that comes into the city when they burn the Fallas down (later that night). It included some of the craziest fire gadgets I've ever seen.

It began real innocently, with some dancers and musicians... including the presentation of the 2009 Queens and Princesses of Las Fallas.

Then went into full-out, hardcore fire action! I was so scared because they were soo close to us!! Aside from the fear, it was a blast (no pun intended)!!!

At the conclusion of the parade, everyone crowded the streets to form a procession to the end of the street. Us, being the crazy Americans that we are, went along for the ride! I then joked, kinda, that it would be funny if we were going to go and get sacrificed & not even know it! Fortunately, it was just marching to the end of the street where there was another spectacular, with a fireworks show that I'm sure has left me more deaf than when I first arrived.


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