Sunday, March 22, 2009

I left my heart in Sevilla (March 12th)

Hola Queridos,

After a stressful exam week, I went on what felt like a true vacation to Sevilla, Spain. Sevilla is the 4th largest city in Spain and is located in the South, a good 12 hour ride (with lay-overs) by bus! We enjoyed beautiful, sunny, 70/80 degree weather with plenty of gardens and friendly southern Spain hospitality!
I got my first cup of Starbucks in a good two months and it never tasted so good! Normally, I can not justify paying $5 for a cup of java, however, I spent $5 euro for this cup and didn't think twice about it! (...and they thought my name was Brendan)

We stayed a beautiful hostel, Friends of Sevilla...I'd highly recommend it to anyone! For those who don't know what a hostel is, it's a cheaper form of accommodation. This room was a 6 bed dorm, including locker space, and communal showers. Some hostels include breakfast or WiFi connectivity and other ammenities. The price of hostels are significantly less (this was only $25 euro a night) and is also a great way to meet with other travelers!

(view from the roof down)

(sign in the kitchen)

We visited the Cathedral of Sevilla which was one of the most beautiful that I've seen so far.

I doubt this is how they lit the church senturies ago...

After having my breath taken away by the beauty of the church, we decided to climb the tower. As we've passed by the 20th floor we start thinking, when is this going to end? 25th, 32th... then finally, the 34th floor! And we weren't greeted by just any tower, no! It was a bell tower! So sweet!!


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