Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hola Queridos,

Salamanca was one of the most historic and beautiful cities I've visited during my time here in Spain. It has the feel of a University town but is so richely preserved from past history.

The first church we saw was that of Saint Steven. Look at the detail!

The House of the Shells (Casa de las Conchas). This was constructed as a wedding present...must have been nice, huh? Constructed in the late 15th century.
It's now a library...
Another really cool part about Salamanca is there were a lot of places where I was able to see things I was/am learning about in school, in person!

Students, after finishing their Doctorates exam, would be greeted two ways; if they failed their test they had to leave thru a small door and would receive "booo"s and disapprovement but if they passed, they would be greeted with applause (from people in the streets) and given the opportunity to write this emblem, or what they wanteded on this wall.

"The Medieval athedral Towers are two of Slaamanca's most important emblems...rising 110 meters tall. The Old Cathedral was built during the XII-XV centuries and the New Cathedral was erected during the XVI-XIII centuries (I stole that from the Salamanca Tourism Information Office)." I paid 3 euros to go up to the top which was worth it and so much more! I could easily add 100 pictures here but I'll limit it and save the rest for home...

Their Plaza Mayor (city center) was packed with people, enjoying coffee, catching up with family & friends, and of course, tourists.

It also included this escapade of drunk University students, reinacting a bull fight.

The Universidad de Salamanca is the oldest in Spain and was constructed in the early 13th century. According to the Legend, spoting the tiny frog (among many, many other designs) on the University buidling will bring you good luck and marriage within a year. Of course no one tells you that last part until after you found the frog. Can you spot the frog that's said to bring you good luck?

Here's a hint:

Still didn't find it? That's okay - it took me awhile to find it too! Here's the answer.

Good fortune to you, as well as, you'll be married within a year!

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