Saturday, March 28, 2009

Valecianos Spend All Year Building "Las Fallas" & Then Burn Them

Hola queridos,

Las Fallas is a Spanish festival that happens once a year. The reality is,this fiesta takes an entire year of planning (they literally start working on next year's Falla the immediate day after the festival is over)!

The fiesta occurs in Valencia, Espana, which is Spain's 3rd largest city and located here -

Here are examples of some of the Fallas...they're like stationary floats made out of wood and styrafoam material. The mainly critize certain people (all are fair game except the King), current situations, etc...So although I didn't understand all of the "inside-ness," they were still a pleasure to look at!

(This one is critizing the "mayor" of the town who's critized Las Fallas)

(This one received first place!)
(And of course something about Obama)

This a picture of the Virgen, an image that's closely related to Valencia. It's made completely out of smelled wonderfully!

Fireworks, fire, loud noises are all apart of this fiesta! At 2 PM they did an amazing display of fireworks, even though it was daylight, the sounds and sight of all the smoke was really rather impressive.

Valencia also had a Starbucks! This time they got a little closer to spelling my name.

Beautiful streets and look at all the people! Some 1 million people crowd this city on this day!

A soccer field...but still no hottie soccer players... sorry Cathy!

For the fiesta they also had typical Paella served from this massive dish as well as other foods made right on the street!

Finally, in the evening (or more like 2 AM), they burn the Fallas.. here's a picture at night...
..and here is the Falla burning.

This was an amazing fiesta that I will have in my memory forever and ever.


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