Sunday, March 29, 2009

Valencia, Espana

Hola queridos,

Valencia, after Las Fallas, was a very beautiful city to visit. It certainly was one of the most modern cities I've visited in Spain.

This is their theater, it's actually second in size only to Sydney's theater.
The rest of the buildings, to be honest, I'm unsure of their function, however they're really cool to look at (and take pictures of)!

...and at night:

Of course, there were still Spanish elements such as the Bull Fighting Stadium, train station, look-out tower from the "old days," etc.

This is El Corte's the equivalent of a Macy's Department Store. The Spaniards say that a city's wealth (or importance) is measured by how many Corte Ingles stores there are in the city! Each store usually has 5 or 6 floors, as well as a grocery store area as well.
We also went out for a beer, wine, coffee and ordered these delicious tapas, the first is Tuna from the Mediterranean and the second is Eel. The sushi and beer were tapas from another good!


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