Friday, April 10, 2009

So much & not enough time to write!

Hola queridos,

So...where do I begin?! There's just so much going on each and evey day that if I don't write it all down I'll forget because I'm on my sixth day of vacation already and all the days are just flyin' by! Ahhh.

To top it off, I usually have to do a hit-and-run on the computer, ration my 15 minutes between checking & responding to emails, as well as messaging friends, and updating this blog! (On a side note, I currently do not have the capability to upload photos, but providing I have time in Spain, I will do so there).

Arriving to Krakow was so stressful! Mainly because our train didn't depart until an hour and a half before the scheduled flight departure and upon arrival we found long, long lines for both checking-in and the security check...yikes! I'm not going to lie, I was stressin'. Eventually, and shorter fingernails later, we made it through all the necessary checks. Of course our flight was then postponed for an hour due to lost luggage or something or other; got to love the hurry up and wait!

Once we landed in Krakow, however, all was good from there. Well, I should back up. Once we made it to the train station which only involved walking probably a total of a mile back and forth on the same stretch of road ... One intersting thing was though on the way I noticed a guy wearing a St. Norbert's Basketball t-shirt. I approached him and asked him where he got the shirt, luckily he spoke broken English & was able to reply that he got it, "in the States" and after further inquiry we discovered he got it in Chicago! Small world!! (We also met two guys from Wisconsin in the Madrid airport, one which is also studying at St. Norbert)

It's like a dream to be here in Krakow...I'm here for three days & it just gives me the feeling that I'm not going to want to leave. On the first day, we basically just meandered around the city. It's hard to describe Krakow but I will try.

The Market Square is a blast, it's full of first, plenty of items for Easter (decorative eggs, baskets, green grass things), delicious Polish food (I had their version of a cheesecurd...mmmMMMgood), clothing, music, plenty of jewelry (amber is big here), and more food. The Square is spacious, I've already spent some time just people watching because there are so many different nationalities here!

More later!


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