Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day in the Castles of Spain


My Valentine’s Day started off well with a very nice package from home, (thanks!) and continued to get better.

Although this wasn’t my favorite trip, it was still enjoyable. We went on the tour of Castles within my province; this included stopping in three different cities, all in one day!

To start off, we went to the small pueblo of Tordesillas. This is the castle where Juana la Loca lived. Unfortunately for you, this is the only view you’ll get of the castle…photos were a big no-no inside of the historic castle.

We also went to the museum where the Treaty of Tordesillas. With some free time I explored the city, the Plaza Mayor & some interesting looking trees.

We then boarded the bus and went to the Castle of Portillo, in you guessed it, the city of Portillo. Here I went down 100 some odd steps to see the bottom of the well… as I stepped closer to the bottom, the amount of water dripping on me increased & the steps were slipperier. Let’s just say I felt like taking a shower after.

Then I climbed to the top of the castle to see this view of Portillo.

Here are some other snap shots of the castle.

Hungry we stopped for lunch..Jaime played artist and Nick took a nap.

We then went to an authentic Roman house…it looked like we were going into a concentration camp, but fortunately, it was just the way it was built. After visiting the ruins of the house, we enjoyed a presentation of “a Roman household.”

After we returned, I went out with some friends & had a great night in the city :)


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